Greetings from the CEO

I have begun to work in the executive coaching market with my business name "Guhen Kitaoka."

I founded Office Kitaoka Inc. in June 2009, with a view of making the miraculous effectiveness of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) known to the business world in Japan.

This site introduces coaching and/or in-house training programs aimed at bringing corporate activeness to both executives and staff members.

I would like to make my continued efforts until the real innovativeness of NLP is properly appreciated by corporate people in Japan.

Taiten Kitaoka
Office Kitaoka Inc.

Company Vision

Office Kitaoka Inc. is committed to creating, through an interdisciplinary methodology with proven innovative effects, a number of leaders and artists,

1) whose international perspective is rich,
2) who can always creatively think outside of their own box,
3) and who can continue to indefinitely exploit their own potential as well as that of the people around them.

We thus aim at developing and propagating the real spiritual originality accessible to the whole world.

Guhen's Profile

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